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Here you can find what our customers say about our company, products and services. If you would like to share your opinion with others then just fill in our contact form. Thank you!
"I just had to tell you people: YOU ARE THE BEST !!!
Your Xtras provide brilliant solutions! Keep up the great work!"
Christopher Luther, discGO-Tech
"I have now finished the project - thank you very much for your help. I can see where the error was and have now corrected it thanks to your help, its not very often that strangers are willing to help others in such a prompt manner. Once again, thank you very much."
Craig Lockwood,
"Again, thanks for the quality Xtras and excellent support.
You guys do great work, keep it up!"
Mathew Ray, Seriph Design
"Thanks for the excellent work."
Greg Barnett, Cyberian Design, Inc.
"The program is nice. Thank YOU!"
John Sparks, Promarketing
"You are really some teachers of programming. I declare myself as a satisfied client. MUCHAS GRACIAS!"
Gabriel Muñoz
"Thank you for your timely response and thanks for providing us with helpful tools."
Dave Mickelson, Spot Box Inc.
"I have never experienced such tremendous tech support from any company. Their support is second to none. Everyone, Meliora Software is the best. Check them out!"
Denise Lambert, Prima Design
"Never have I known a company to respond so quickly to a problem. I commend you!"
Sam Horton, Full Sail Real World Education
"Thanks for the prompt support and for making such a cool product."
Hanford Lemoore
"I would just like to let you know how much I appreciate your fast and dedicated attention to my issue. That kind of support, especially the modified code on short notice, is not something that I see very often."
Ian Hickey, APTE Inc.
"I want to thank you for your extremely good support and for the quality of your software plugins. I am working with Director for years and I have to admit that your Xtras are the best I tried."
Javier Ruiz Martín, WARP 9
"Your service has been nothing short of extraordinary. Many thanks."
Gerry Roston, University of Michigan


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